VIGNANTICA is a brand characterized by a philosophy that identifies a group of local wine farms in the territory of Treviso, near the PIAVE RIVER, composed by professionals and producers to gather only the best wines to guaranty full quality for the consumer. Suffice it to say that all of VIGNANTICAS WINES, whether in bulk or bottle, are continously tested and monitored to minimize the use of sulfates and chemicals that could be harmful to the body. We can proudly say that those who choose VIGNANTICA choose the TOP of the wine production of PIAVE RIVER in respect of ancient venetian farming traditions. VIGNANTICA realized commercially the resale of wines in bulk and packaged on the national level in order to export our wine concept in a complete and professional manner. We appeal to all those who wish to go into the wine business by transferring our technical know-how to complet a project that is made of passion and tradition of our area.

The activity is identified in the opening of the VIGNANTICA WINE SHOPS franchise, no royalties and no entrance fee. Currently, there are 80 outlets in Italy and we have recently opened in DENMARK, but we started the selection for new partners all over the world.


Riccardo Fornasier, founder of VIGNANTICA and consultant of important international companies, was the collaborator of Mr. Malcom Knapp from 1998 to 2002 (creator of major projects in franchising in the United States) and where he built the new franchise system    

" FREE CONCEPT STORES" without royalties or entrance fees, providing new franchises with the technical and commercial know-how completely free and continuously using the news media and innovative social networks and ongoing support. The personalized method of the brand-format now makes the success of the new openings, estimate at 98%, to reach the break even point average after only six months of opening 


In additing to being a new concept of understanding wine made of natural ingredients and the love of tradition, VIGNANTICA is above all a big family and everyone is bound not only by wine but, by solid and lasting friendships based on mutual experiences and the desire to get in the game. That's why all the stores and Vignantica corners achieve a great success, the merit is not only our wines but especially for those who manage their resale. We would like to express our warm gratitude to all our partners worldwide.


VIGNANTICA is looking for interested parties in a variety of countries now available to start a partnership together. Take the first step by contacting us via email by filling out the necessary information on the "contact page" of the site, we will than contact you to arrange an appointment. 
This is definitely a great opportunity to start a new business with minimum capital, between 3000 and 5000 € to open a pilot store which will become the reference for other stores in your country. VIGNANTICA staff is at your disposal to help you in all your activities, please contact us for more information.


Some important data on franchsing VIGNANTICA:
a) initial investment of between € 3,000 and € 15,000
b) Avarage square meters of shops 40/50
c) Avarage annual turnover euro 70.000/120.000
d) Full support on the internet
e) Permits needed to carry out the activity: Import and sale of wine retail and wholesale
To receive more information send email to: amministrazione@vignantica.it or fill out the contacts forum